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Please Note: Voluntary PAC Contribution - NIB-PAC (North Idaho Building Political Action Committee) is the local affiliation of the National Build-PAC. NIB-PAC is a voluntary contribution of $25 which includes a percentage given to HOME-PAC, the State level Political Action Committee. If you elect to make the voluntary $25 donation, it is NOT tax-deductible. (voluntary)


I, as owner or principal of the company applying for membership, do hereby AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS of the North Idaho Contractors Association, Inc. (NIBCA) to which this membership application is directed, and to the National Association of Home Builders of the United States and the Idaho Building Contractors Association of which the NIBCA is affiliated. I further state that I am of good character, that my business and business practices are of good reputation, and that the above information I have represented of myself and the company is true. Any information or facts to the contrary could be grounds for revocation of this membership. I also understand that the NIBCA may verify the information I have provided.

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