One Day House

40 Years Ago the Community Rallied Together to Build a Home

One of the most exciting projects ever done by NIBCA was the One Day House built in July of 1982, 40 years ago. This was a tough time for those trying to build homes. Inflation was rampant and interest rates of 18% caused housing and building to plummet. NIBCA decided to change the conversation and show the power of the building industry network. The One Day House project worked to protect and promote the building industry in a difficult time, and the impact reached North Idaho and beyond.

Facts About the Build:

  • 307 builders, subcontractors volunteered
  • The front wall was framed and in place in under 11 minutes
  • The additional walls, trusses and sheeting were built and installed in the first hour
  • The home was completed in 6 hours 55 minutes 23 seconds
  • Owners signed and moved in the same day
  • ABC News Radio host Paul Harvey did a live, on-site broadcast describing the work to an audience all over the United States

watch the video and read all about the one day house

Watch the 34 Minute Video of the house being built

Read the written account from the Original Committee Here

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