As your local Home Builder Association, We have been doing business in Idaho for over 50 years and believe there is no other organization that will represent you as strongly as NIBCA will. Join NIBCA!

a large group of people working on the One Day House for NIBCA

What does NIBCA stand for? What’s the purpose of the group?

The North Idaho Building Contractors Association, established in 1970, is a construction trade association representing member companies involved in homebuilding. At the local level, we work to promote and protect the local building industry in Kootenai, Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, and Shoshone counties.

Your membership in NIBCA also includes membership at the state level through the Idaho Building Contractors Association or IBCA and the national level through the National Association of Home Builders or NAHB.

NIBCA is one of 800 state and local home building associations and our members represent the 140,000 company members of home building associations across the nation.

Our Mission

The North Idaho Building Contractors Association, Inc. founded in 1970, is an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the building industry for the benefit of its members and the citizens of North Idaho. The NIBCA strives to continue its role as an industry leader in governmental issues and community service.

Our Vision

The North Idaho Building Contractors Association, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the building industry for the benefit of community members. The Association will continue to be an industry resource and remain actively involved with area organizations to balance economic, environmental, and legislative issues and to create a better understanding of the value and importance of the building industry to the community.

Our Story: Since 1970

old photograph of the one day house event, truck in front of the unfinished, framed house

One Day House

One of the most exciting projects ever done by NIBCA was the One Day House built in July of 1982, 40 years ago. This was a tough time for those trying to build homes. Inflation was rampant and interest rates of 18% caused housing and building to plummet. NIBCA decided to change the conversation and show the power of the building industry network. The One Day House project worked to protect and promote the building industry in a difficult time, and the impact reached North Idaho and beyond.

Facts About the Build:

  • 307 builders, subcontractors volunteered
  • The front wall was framed and in place in under 11 minutes
  • The additional walls, trusses and sheeting were built and installed in the first hour
  • The home was completed in 6 hours 55 minutes 23 seconds
  • Owners signed and moved in the same day
  • ABC News Radio host Paul Harvey did a live, on-site broadcast describing the work to an audience all over the United States


The North Idaho Building Contractors Association strengthens the residential construction sector of the economy by advocating for greater housing affordability, flexibility, overall economic development, job creation, and a growing economy. Outcomes of NIBCA advocacy include expanded opportunities for businesses inside and outside the construction industries to succeed. The NIBCA engages in a wide variety of successful advocacy efforts that directly and indirectly benefit businesses in and out of the building industry.

Our Community

Our events and initiatives would not be possible without our committees and all their dedicated hard work. New members are always a welcome addition, so always be vigilant and check for new opportunities to join one of these dynamic and active groups. Contact the NIBCA office at [email protected] or (208) 765-5518 for more information or to find out how to get started.

North Idaho Builders Political Action Committee (NIB-PAC)

The North Idaho Builders’ Political Action Committee or NIB-PAC works closely with local, state and federal elected officials on issues vital to our members livelihood. Forging and nurturing positive relationship with our elected officials is essential for our association and its effectiveness on the political front. Through these efforts we are able to identify those politicians who are willing to listen to our issues and consider our point of view. This is where NIB-PAC becomes invaluable. The NIB-PAC represents the recognition by our members that those elected into office are critical to the housing and development industry. Through generous contributions we are able to fund the best qualified and most worthy candidates for local office.