Make Your Voice Count – Get Involved and Have an Impact!

Our events and initiatives are truly a collective effort, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our committees. From planning our fundraisers to organizing our community outreach programs, these dynamic and active groups play a critical role in making our organization a success. We are always on the lookout for new members to join our committees and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. Whether you’re passionate about fundraising, event planning, or community outreach, we have a committee that could benefit from your unique skills and talents. So be sure to keep an eye out for any new opportunities to get involved and become a part of our thriving and collaborative community.

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Associates Committee

If you’re looking to get involved in some social events within the NIBCA community, look no further than the committee dedicated to organizing them! Made up of Associate members, this committee is responsible for planning and executing some of the most exciting events throughout the year, from coffee talks to campground takeover and the ever-popular Gone Wild. With a focus on bringing members together in fun and engaging ways, this committee meets as necessary to plan and coordinate events that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re a longtime member or brand new to the community, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with the help of this dedicated group of individuals.

Education Committee

The Education Committee plays a crucial role in the success of the home-building industry. This committee is responsible for developing and managing educational programs that help new members gain the skills and knowledge they need to become productive and successful members. Their training covers everything from ethics and bylaws to technology and professionalism, ensuring that new members are well-equipped to handle any challenges they may face in their roles. Additionally, through their work with student chapters in high schools, the committee is helping to ensure that the next generation of builders is prepared to enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive. Education truly is the key to success in this industry.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee plays a significant role in the NIBCA community by promoting the organization and building value for its members. With a focus on informing members and the general public about political and community achievements made by NIBCA members, this committee works tirelessly to expand the organization’s reach in the social, community, charitable, governmental, and political arenas. By identifying and highlighting the work of NIBCA members, the PR committee helps to build awareness and respect for the organization, attracting new members and retaining existing ones. Through these efforts, the Public Relations committee reinforces the importance of the NIBCA’s work and contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Home & Garden Show Committee

The NIBCA’s annual fundraiser in the spring is a highly anticipated event that is managed by an incredibly dedicated committee. This committee is responsible for bringing together over 100 incredibly diverse businesses under one roof for a 3-day show at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. Additionally, they must also bring together 70+ businesses at the Bonners County Fairgrounds for another 2-day show. This may seem like an impossible task, but members of this committee relish the creativity and hard work it takes to make this event a success. They know the importance of this fundraiser and the impact it has on the community. Education is key, and this committee educates the public on the fantastic businesses in the area.

Joint Government Issues Committee

The growth of the new home construction industry in Idaho is critical to the state’s overall economic well-being. This committee, comprised of municipal, county, and regulatory body representatives, understands the importance of maintaining a healthy and thriving construction industry. Their meetings focus on addressing the most pressing issues affecting this sector, from zoning and permit regulations to workforce development and environmental concerns. By bringing together diverse perspectives from stakeholders across Idaho, this committee works diligently to identify innovative solutions that will ensure a prosperous future for our state’s new home construction industry.

Membership Committee

The NIBCA boasts a team of energetic and goal-minded members who are deeply committed to the group’s success. Among these dedicated individuals, the Membership Team stands out as one of the most vital. Charged with the important duty of recruiting and retaining new members, this team works tirelessly to reach out to potential members and organize informative events like membership drives and orientation sessions. Through these efforts, they aim to arm newcomers with all the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive within the home-building industry.

Parade of Homes Committee

The committee responsible for managing a key fundraiser and organizing the largest marketing promotion for builders in North Idaho has taken on a crucial mission. Their goal is to shine a spotlight on NIBCA builders, their projects, suppliers, and trade people during the 5-day show that showcases anywhere from 10 to 29 member builders. This promotion is the biggest opportunity for builders in the area to gain the exposure they need to succeed. The committee is tirelessly working to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that it showcases the very best of what North Idaho builders have to offer. Their efforts will undoubtedly result in a successful marketing promotion that will benefit both the builders and the local community.

Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council

Membership in the PWB Council is a considerable perk available exclusively to NIBCA member-company employees at an additional fee. Beyond the networking opportunities, this Council offers valued assistance to the NIBCA in a variety of ways, including helping with the Parade of Homes Show, the Home & Garden Show, and other events. One of the most significant ways the PWB Council supports its members is by awarding education scholarships to those pursuing continued education in a building industry-related field. Joining this Council not only provides opportunities to aid and give back to the community, but it also supports individual growth and career development in a continuously evolving industry.

Young Professionals Committee

As the construction industry constantly evolves, there is a need for younger professionals to rise to the occasion and lead the charge. The NIBCA understands this need and has established the Young Professionals committee to steer efforts towards making federation membership more useful and attractive to home building professionals under the age of 45. The committee acts as a valuable resource for emerging industry professionals, providing guidance on mentoring, leadership training, and education. With the committee’s assistance, NIBCA is working towards creating an inclusive environment that fosters growth and development for young professionals in the construction industry.