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Join the prestigious SPIKE Council and become recognized for your outstanding achievement in member recruitment and retention at the NIBCA. As a member of the SPIKE Council, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships, network with top recruiters, and earn recognition for your achievements. With the chance to achieve both SPIKE and Life SPIKE status, there’s no better way to become a leader in the NIBCA community.

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The SPIKE Council is a prestigious group of NIBCA members who are recognized for their outstanding achievement in member recruitment and retention. The council’s purpose is to promote new and continuing membership by encouraging members to recruit new members and build relationships within the NIBCA community. SPIKE points are earned as new members are recruited, with members earning higher status and recognition for achieving greater levels of recruitment success.

To become a SPIKE, members must sponsor six new members within two consecutive years. This achievement is recognized by the NIBCA with a special pin and certificate, as well as invitations to exclusive events and opportunities to network with other top recruiters. For members who go above and beyond in their recruitment efforts, the Life SPIKE status is available. To achieve this status, a minimum of two additional members must be sponsored each year until a total of 26 credits are received.

As a member of the SPIKE Council, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other top recruiters and industry leaders, sharing best practices and strategies for building a strong and engaged membership community. Additionally, members of the SPIKE Council are invited to a celebration party in November to recognize their achievements and celebrate their success. Join the SPIKE Council today and help build a stronger, more vibrant NIBCA community.