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Join the Young Professionals committee and become part of a community of emerging leaders in the home building industry in North Idaho. As a member of the committee, you’ll have the opportunity to receive guidance and support on mentoring, leadership training, and education for industry professionals under the age of 45. Take advantage of this chance to build your skills, knowledge, and network – join the Young Professionals committee today.

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Young Professional Program

The North Idaho Building Contractors Association (NIBCA) has joined forces with the Idaho Home Builders Association (IHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to provide an exciting new recruitment program for young professionals in the construction industry. Aspiring leaders in the field can take advantage of a discounted rate from all three organizations, but it comes with a catch: participants have to commit to a five-year membership with NIBCA. In exchange for their loyalty, these young professionals will have access to an array of emerging leader training and mentorship opportunities that will help them grow and advance their careers. Joining this program is an excellent way to jumpstart your career in the construction industry and connect with peers who share your passion for building.


  • Primary Rep must be under the age of 45 and must submit a copy of drivers license upon approval
  • If the member does not renew during the 5 year plan, they will not be eligible to re-apply for the program
  • Participate in the YP committee activities, be a member of another committee, or be actively engaged on the Board
  • Application and 500 words on why you feel you are eligible for this program and how you will do to use it in your business
  • Applications are subject to approval by both the Young Professional Membership Committee and the NIBCA Board
  • Apply through the Membership Benefits at the top of the page